Exciting News!


Remember in my last post when I talked about giving the excess funds raised to anyone who would come along? And how we were praying for men to say yes to helping with some future male graduates on life skills, mock interviews, hygiene, etc?

Well, I am SUPER excited to announce that my friend Alan, from my small group at church, felt God stirring his heart and he has decided to go!!!

Last I updated, I had raised $215 over my goal with one fundraiser left. Well, along with some amazing friends help, we had another babysitting night and raised an additional $506!

Alan playing hoverball with Christian

Alan playing hoverball with Christian

Alan came and helped that night, not sure if it was going to all work out at his job, but wanted to help me out. We were praying for all the details to work out. :) I am SO excited that God used little me, and for the $721 in additional funds to go to Alan!

THANK YOU ALL for your participation, donations, time helping me out, etc. If we pop into your thoughts, would you say a quick prayer for the team, the time we have preparing, and for Alan?

Soli Deo Gloria!!