Thank  you! Above and beyond y’all! We (together with God) surpassed my fundraising goal! Crushed it really, I’m still in awe.

$4,115 in just 5 weeks. God doesn’t love his children a little bit. He LOVES his children LAVISHLY. I can now focus on other preparations for travel and not worry about this part! Please be in prayer with me for the team and the kids as the trip nears.

The excess funds will go towards a team member who is coming up short in fundraising. Which leads me to my next point. We need a few good men to join us July 15-25 in Rwanda. There are 6 Imana Kid boys graduating in December that need men to work with them on mock job interviews, hygiene, life skills and everything Guy-related.

God pushed this door open for me and provided more than 100%. If someone says yes, I WILL HELP YOU RAISE FUNDS. I have one more fundraiser left that I will do for YOU! #‎gobelove‬ ‪#‎dosomething‬ ‪#‎loveyourneighbor‬ ‪#‎speaklife‬ ‪#‎rwanda‬ ‪#‎orphancare‬–july-2016-trip-leader-higgins


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