Handmade Headbands


Turban Wrap Headband

For now, I’m going to use this as a place to communicate details about the headbands I’m making! These headbands are made from jersey knit fabric that gives them their comfortable stretch and fit. The fact that we can make them custom fit, allows for a perfect fit! I’ve made headbands everywhere from 18-24 inches! That is a wide range! And it explains why store bought headbands don’t always fit well for us. Some jersey knit fabric stretches more than others. And some is thicker than others. I will try to put details about the fabric as best I can. If you’re local, you’re welcome to check out the supply of fabrics before making your decision.

I have a supply of headbands for sale at Random Harvest, 6th & Main, Sioux Falls, SD! Check out this super cute shop of antiques, collectibles, and local handmade items!

If you’d like to buy a custom sized headband, comment with your head measurement (measure around where you wear a headband), the fabric choice and whether you want to pick it up locally (Sioux Falls, SD), or have it shipped. I haven’t shipped one yet, but they are very light and I wouldn’t expect them to cost much more than $2-3 to mail to you.

As far as payment goes, I’m flexible. Some banks have easy money sending services, like Wells Fargo Sure Pay, that allows you to send money easily from your account. There is also an app called Venmo that allows you to send money very easily. I also have a Paypal account if you’d like to pay that way. You can always mail a check or pay in cash.

Click the Fabrics link to the left to see the fabric options I have in my supply right now. I will update as often as I have new fabric or run out of a fabric. Thanks for your understanding when the latter happens!


5 Strand Braided Headband


Sailor Knot Headband

I’ve also started making these two types of headbands. If you’d like either of these styles, let me know. They’re not made from the fabrics I have posted, but from Cotton T-shirts. Just let me know what color you’d like of these two types until I get pictures posted. Thanks!


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