Update for blog reading friends


I realized I haven’t updated this blog with the changes happening around here.

Craig got a new job with Daktronics. Check ’em out, buy some stock in them, whatever ;) He got a job in their returns department and will be splitting his time between the Sioux Falls and Brookings, SD locations. He will be managing the department and working on improving its efficiency. If there is one thing my husband likes, it is when things are done the best way possible! I know he’ll be great in his new job.

moving image

We leave Saturday morning! When we were job hunting, things seemed to go so slow, and then, the offer came and two weeks later, we’re leaving. We will move in with my sister for the time being and are extremely grateful for that, as we haven’t found a buyer yet for our home. We covet your prayers in that department.

It is quite strange to think that we’re moving our family to South Dakota. Though I have lots of family there, I kind of thought I’d never live there.

For much of my time here in Pella, if someone was to ask if I would be sad to leave, I would have told you no, not at all. But in the last half of our 14 months here, we have developed friendships with people here that I will deeply miss. I am so thankful for having met them and having them in our daily life for even this short of time. They are reminders that God is with us everywhere and that His people everywhere to love and support each other on our journeys. Friends, you know who you are, THANK YOU. Thank you for loving on us and encouraging us. We consider you great friends and want you to know we are only a phone call, text, or email away and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. And if you’re ever heading west, let us know!


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