Livie Update


Liv: Is 2.5 and has just gone through her first two weeks in big girl underwear! She’s done awesome and had only a handful of accidents. She is in a diaper at night and pull-up at nap time, though sometimes the pull up is dry after nap. She has done so great, we are so proud. And her bowel movement issues are getting better with the help of Miralax.

She is in the “Let me do it” “I want to do it myself” stage, said with much attitude. And often tells us “you not say that” or “no, you not do that” along with those other phrases.

She loves singing and is singing and dancing all day long. She picks up lyrics and melodies really quickly and is often putting different words (sometimes not real words I think) to those melodies. She has started to love to play dress up, and to read books herself (part of the “let me do it” stage).

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and with potty training, we haven’t left the house much while potty training, but when we go out to run errands, if I’d head the direction of WalMart, she realizes it at the same point and says “I wanna go a different store”. It is hard to explain to her that in our small-ish town, there aren’t a lot of options and if Mommy had a choice, she’d go to a different store too!

She is saying some pretty cute/funny things lately. I love the way she says “unnerwear” and “frigerfriger” and her “no thanks” sounds like “no dice”. When she sees Minnie Mouse she calls her “Mickey Girl” or “Minnie Mouse Girl”. So cute.

I’ve been reading this short devotional as we eat our cereal together in the morning and summing it up for her at the end with simple messages like “God is always with you”, “you can trust God”, etc and the other day she said that Jesus was with her when she goes potty and when she’s playing with toys and that she needs to be nice and not make Jesus cry.

Liv and I are going to see “Yo Gabba Gabba Live” in Des Moines next week and I am excited to do that with her without Edison around to spoil her our fun. Thanks Grandma Cuckoo. :)




I love the following progression of these four pictures:





This is Liv’s new princess dress for filling up her potty sticker chart :) And she’s “helping” Eddy jump and sometimes swinging him into the door…



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