Edison Update


It’s been a while… so much to mention, so many pictures to share, but no energy to do so!

Edison: His 3 month blog post was on my list, never got done, and then his 4 month blog post got added to the list. Maybe I’ll do when he’s 5 months. ; )

He is a cutie when he’s happy and always putting on the charm for family and friends. I don’t think anyone believes how frustrating he can be sometimes though! The root of it all I believe is gas pain… and mostly that he just doesn’t eat well. And that causes him not to sleep well. I hate comparing, because I know every kid is different, but it is hard not to! My nights with Edison are usually feeding at 10, around 1, around 3, and he’s ready to be up at 6. Liv has never woken up at 6 in her whole life. Such a rude awakening (literally!) for this mama.

He is rolling over both ways now. He has grown a couple inches and a few pounds. If he hears his sister’s voice he is done eating. He is captivated by his sister, loves it when she talks to him or sits by him. I love the way he looks at him.

He is not really laughing yet, but talks a lot. He loves his jumpy chair and the Johnny Jump Up doorway thing. He sucks on his fingers or anything he can get his hands on. He is so much littler than Liv at this age. I should post a couple comparison pictures. She had so many rolls by now, he’s just a little guy.






2 thoughts on “Edison Update

  1. Troy Beekman

    Oh my! Janelle and I just can’t explain how much we miss seeing you guys and Liv and Eddy! There’s a whole in our hearts :(

    • leahseydel

      I know, we miss you guys so much too. Liv still brings you guys up in conversation and it breaks my heart. Craig and I just look at each other and pout.

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