Liv’s Thanksgiving List


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This month being November and Thanksgiving and all, I started to ask Liv what she wanted to thank God for when we pray instead of just praying for her or having her repeat my prayer. I didn’t think to do this before since she’s only two, but little did I know, if I just asked, she had quite the list of things! Here are the things I can remember her praying for this month:

  • Her closet
  • Her toys
  • Her monkey
  • Her jackets
  • Her books
  • Her pacis
  • Troy and Janelle
  • Papa and Mama
  • Fifi (Papa’s dog)
  • “Auntie” Lena and “Uncle” Aaron
  • Mommy and Daddy
  • Baby Eddie
  • Church
  • The Library
  • The kitchen (play set at the library)
  • Jesus
  • Her blankets
  • Outside
  • The dark
  • Eddie’s carseat

And some of those things come up pretty often. ; )

Liv, we love you and are so thankful God has given you to us for this time to teach us love and patience and joy and so much more. Love you my Liv.

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