Edison, 2 Months


Edison | Two Months

Edison is two months old! Whaa?!?! I saw a newborn at mom’s group this week and couldn’t believe how big he made Edison seem! Speaking of how big, here are his two month stats from the doc, more accurate than mine from last month:

Weight: 11 pounds, 12 ounces (58th%) | Length: 23 3/4 inches, (46th%) | Head Circumference: 15 (14th%)

We’re getting things figured out finally with this little guy. As long as I watch my diet (no caffeine, dairy, chocolate) he is not gassy or spitting up as much as he used to.

  • He can roll from his tummy to his back
  • Last night he only woke up once in the night and then at 7 this morning – Hallelujah! Keep it up buddy!
  • He is in his big crib now. He inches himself all over the place, so the bassinet just wasn’t cutting it anymore.
  • His eyes are definitely brown.
  • He has a scowl that reminds me of my dad (Sorry Dad). When he does that look I say he has his “Larry” eyebrows on. ;)
  • He has his second cold thanks to Liv and the church nursery
  • He has a herniated belly-button, when you push on it you can feel bubbles, really weird. It will probably always be an outie.

Liv likes to sing to him, tickle him, bounce his seat and let me know when he is crying. She always say he burps when he burps or farts and says ‘bless you eddy’ when he sneezes.

this was just before she pushed him off her lap

These kids like their paci’s… especially the girl with it hanging out of her mouth, don’t judge.


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