Life lately in our house


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Well, we’re slowly learning how Mr.E likes things. One thing I have learned is that he actually prefers to be laid down awake. I’m hoping this means he’ll take well to Babywise sleep/eat scheduling! He’s started cooing, I plan on uploading a video later today. We’re slowly getting a few more moments of happy awake time and are able to set him down, even if just for 5 minutes without him getting upset. He isn’t a great eater yet, but avoiding certain things in my diet seems to be helping some of that.

Liv has started leaving her room at night. We never told her she couldn’t, but she never tried. I think knowing the baby is sleeping in our room makes her jealous. Last night she was still awake after 3am and every time after 3am that I looked at the monitor, (we have a video monitor) while feeding Eddy, she was moving. She’s been waking up earlier too, which I can’t complain too much about because she’s spoiled me so far by sleeping in. But we bought an outlet timer that will turn her lamp on when it is time to come out of her room. We’ll see if that helps.

I noticed her say her first full sentence a couple weeks ago, “I want to pick a flower” and then BAM she’s talking so well! Seemed to happen overnight. She’s also really great at singing her favorite songs like the ABC’s, the Wonder Pets theme song, etc. I need to get those songs on video too while she still makes cute mistakes like “H, I, H, I, LMNOP”. :)

Craig and I are taking things day by day! We will be starting a small group soon. That is an answer to prayer because not a lot of churches here do small groups. They have classes and studies, but not a lot of “doing life together” kind of gatherings or missional living. Once life calms down we’ll probably be starting to serve in the sound/worship area at church too. I look forward to that, even if it complicates life a little.

That’s all the update I have for now. Enjoy this fall weather, have a latte for me! ;)


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