Edison, 1 Month


Edison | One Month

(according to my amateur measuring…)
Weight: 11 pounds (77.4%) | Length: 21 inches, but he’s hard to stretch out (35.3%) | Head Circumference: 37.5cm (37.4%)

Getting to know Edison:

He has a very cute smile and dimple, wish we saw it more often. ; )

His eyes might be turning brown, we’ll continue to keep an eye on that, haha

His hair has some curl to it, mostly when wet or sweaty so far.

He trembles a lot, especially his left scratch that… right leg… it shakes like a dog’s. His chin quivers and his hands/arms tremble.

He grunts. A lot. And growls. Once and a while he coo’s and sounds like a baby.

He has tummy issues, causing mom to cut out dairy, caffeine and chocolate, causing both mom and dad to go crazy

He doesn’t have a lot of happy awake time yet, which is why I haven’t taken a lot of pictures of him because they’d all look like this:

And I don’t want a bunch of pictures of a sad baby!

He’ll have a few minutes of pleasantness on the changing table sometimes.

Daddy did a good job with his first bath, Edison seemed to like it pretty well for the most part.

Each time I get my camera out Liv wants her picture taken too, so here are a couple of her as of late. :)


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