Edison’s Birth Story


Edison’s Birth Story:







(I am not claiming to say I was “in labor” for four days, but I WAS having contractions that weren’t easy, and progressively caused me to stop, focus, close my eyes, breathe through them, change position and eventually required Craig’s help to get through them.)

Early Saturday Morning: before 2AM, as I’m sleeping on the couch, stronger contractions than the Braxton Hicks ones I’d been experiencing, woke me. I went to the bathroom to realize I’d started bleeding and knew this was a sign that something was starting. I tried cleaning up and laying back down, but there was no sleeping to be done.  Partially because of how excited I was, partially because the contractions were somewhat regular, at 10 minutes apart and I couldn’t ignore them.

Our plan to deliver an hour and a half away, had me planning to leave as soon as we were sure something was happening, so I wanted to keep track of the contractions to make sure I wasn’t going to get stuck delivering in the car or something. Since it was still the middle of the night, I just went about my business getting things ready to go, showering, doing the dishes, laundry, etc. I dropped a bottle and woke Craig up at 4:20AM, but after I let him know what was going on, he went back to sleep, which was fine, I wanted him to sleep. I did sleep then from 6-7AM. Don’t worry, the rest of this story won’t be so detailed. I start to lose track of reality soon and the time starts to all blend together.

Contractions started 2am Saturday
Went to West Liberty 8am Saturday
Planned to go from West Liberty to the Hospital when contractions got to 3 minutes apart
Passed the time in West Liberty with Liv’s cousins
Contractions going back and forth from 6 to 10 minutes apart
Took a nap at Noon, noticed that the contractions slowed down by doing that
Went to the mall to walk around
Call the Hospital to try and talk to a midwife about what I should be doing
Contractions continue every 6-10 minutes through the night

Spend the day in West Liberty with contractions getting slightly more painful.
Decide if things aren’t going anywhere, that Craig should save his vacation days for AFTER the baby is here
We drive to Pella to get his car and work clothes, yes, I drove having a contraction every 7 minutes or so, don’t recommend it
Contractions continue, getting even more difficult and overnight decide I can’t go through the next day’s contractions without Craig, so he ends up staying home from work.

1:15pm, Go in for my scheduled appointment
Midwife Lynne says “well you’re clearly not in active labor” I wanted to smack her.
She checks me and I’m 1-2 cm dilated, says she’d send me home with ambien so I can get a good night’s sleep
I get a non-stress test and an ulatrasound (scheduled earlier since I was a week overdue)
The ultrasound showed my fluids were a little low and it would be wise for me to stay and try to get things “really” going with a mechanical dilator called a foley bulb and some morphine so I could get some rest
Check in at labor and delivery, get some morphine, and as the midwife starts the process for the foley bulb, she determines I’m 3 cm and show possible fluids from my water breaking and that the foley bulb isn’t necessary.
I take a morphine nap. I think technically you could say my labor started this day since progress was being made.
*This is where things start to get fuzzy for me.
After my nap I continue having contractions through the night, anywhere from 5 – 10 minutes apart

7 AM, new midwife with fresh energy that I DID NOT HAVE anymore, but I agree to keep trying to make progress. After breakfast, we try some things and I get in the whirlpool tub. After some contractions in there I finally break down and say I’m done. Not just with the bath, but DONE. I don’t want another contraction. I tell Craig I don’t want to deal with anymore contractions, I was mentally SPENT. I hadn’t had enough sleep to think positively about all that was left for me and now on day 4 of contractions, seeing all of this time and pain getting me no where, I was broken down and knew that my desire for a natural childbirth just wasn’t going to happen with me like this.

11 AM, We tell our midwife our desires and she said she understood, we start Pitocin to try and get the contractions to get more regular and closer together. It does make things progress slightly, as the next time they check me I am at 6cm, which I found disappointing for the amount of pain I’d been through. Turns out the nurse and midwife thought 6cm was great. Bah! I was done for, disappointed and exhausted. We tell our midwife we’d like to “throw in the towel” and get a C-section. We make arrangements for an epidural which would be needed for the C-Section. Our nurse tries to encourage us to just wait and see how things went after the epidural and maybe I could end up still having the vbac we desired.

2:30PM, Epidural is in, waiting for our turn for a C-Section, I am able to sleep through the contractions






4:30PM, find out I’ve been continuing to get Pitocin and am about 9cm now, back to sleep5:40PM, I said I felt some pressure and they took a look, sure enough there was the baby’s head

7:00PM Start pushing

I just want to say that I wanted to look nice the day I had my baby, but of course the days I “got myself ready” weren’t the right day.











7:39PM Edison was born!


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