Baby Pool!! (Update!)


***After conferring with Craig, wanting two winners… we’ve determined the winners to be Krista and Rachael! Congratulations!! I’ll be contacting you about your gift cards soon.

I want to have a friendly little competition. :) Since I’ve already taken a poll on the gender of the baby, and boy seems to be winning so far, I ‘d like to host a little baby pool here on the blog. We’re going to see who can guess the baby’s birth: Date & Weight, and Date & Time.

How to play:
1) Submit a comment below with your guess, e.g. “August 19, 10:12pm” and/or “August 19, 7lbs 8oz”.

The rules:
1) We’ll play “closest without going over” style.
2) There CAN be more than one person to guess the same DATE, but the time and/or weight needs to be different. (You’ll have to look through the previous comments to make sure your guess hasn’t already been taken.)
3) You do not HAVE to place an entry for both Date & Weight AND Date & Time, you can just enter one.
5) Only one entry for each competition per person.

How the winner will be determined:
After the baby is born, I will narrow down the entries to those who guessed the correct date and from those entries, the one with the closest time will be one winner and the one with the closest weight will be our second winner.

Understand? If there are any questions, comment below and I will clarify.

What you win:
Well, I was thinking a $10 Starbucks gift card… or $10 Target gift card if you’re one of those crazy people who doesn’t like coffee. ;)

Thanks for humoring me while I wait to meet my baby!


12 thoughts on “Baby Pool!! (Update!)

  1. Adam Faris

    1) Sat. Aug 18th 2:07 pm
    2) Sat. Aug 18th 8lbs 1oz

    Not that I’ve been taking my time to eliminate as many wrong days as possible…
    Remember – pot roast and Star Wars on Friday night!

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