35 Week Pregnancy Update


I had an appointment yesterday with a local doctor, he knows my wish would be to not actually use him in the end, as my only option with him is another C-Section, but he doesn’t seem to be taking it too personally! :) A couple weeks ago I felt a movement/pain bigger/different than any other I’d felt, made me stop for a second. I thought maybe the baby had turned, because as of June 1 it was breech, with butt down, folded in half just like Liv. I didn’t mention it right away, and didn’t want to get my hopes up though.

Liv was with me at yesterday’s appointment and she sat next to me on the table while they measured me and listened to the baby’s heartbeat. She hasn’t stopped talking about “listening to the baby” since! He felt around and said “Well huh! That feels like a noggin!” We think the baby did indeed turn! Now I’m still a VBAC, so I can’t deliver here (or anywhere but at home or at a major hospital) but at least I might not be an automatic repeat c-section! Things could change of course, but for now, I’m going to mentally prepare for a vbac and sometime soon meet with the staff at Mercy in Des Moines to talk about what a vbac there might look like for me. The doctor from Des Moines that I previously met with said I could go into labor naturally and would not be required to be induced, that’s the only detail of laboring/delivering there as a vbac that I know at this point. I know I’m considered a “first time” mom because I did not labor with my first c-section.

I know there are differing opinions about vbacs vs. repeat c-sections. Even within my family I know not everyone will be excited for this turn in events, pun intended. But my feelings are that each case/person/situation is unique and as long as the complications that caused my first c-section are not present again, a automatic repeat c-section should not be required. The cause for my c-section was breech position, not a fetal distress, long and difficult labor due to slow dilation, a small pelvis, or a big baby. The reason the smaller hospitals cannot schedule vbacs, is because they do not have the staff 24/7 that is required (financial/legal), not necessarily because they don’t think it can be done. I also feel there are as many risks in having major surgery as having a vbac, so neither is really much “safer” than the other. The risk of uterine rupture is the big concern for vbacs, but with my type of incision, the risk is 1 in 500. Here’s a website that explains it well.


One thought on “35 Week Pregnancy Update

  1. Kiley

    Hi Leah! Good for you for attempting a VBAC! I have two good friends who have done it (each one has done two of them) and they have gone well. Kind of like what you said, I read in Ina May Gaskin’s book that vbacs are equal in risk to that of cesarian deliveries. Anyway, you will soon be a mommy of TWO… it’s nuts! Glad you are joining the club though. :)

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