Our holiday day together


It was nice to have a holiday in the middle of the week this week! It broke up the week nicely I thought. Though ridiculously hot, it was a good day.

Craig braved the heat, (as he does working outside everyday,) but this time was spent with Liv enjoying her pool.

Otherwise we hung out inside most of the day, ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast, everyone took an afternoon nap, and then we got ready for a bbq gathering before the town fireworks.

Craig said he didn’t pick the patriotic Menards shirt on purpose, that it was just next on the pile. :)

I didn’t have a single red or white accessory, so I chose Liv as my accessory for this picture.

Liv had a great time playing at a new house with new kids and new toys. She doesn’t mind the heat one bit and didn’t stop go-go-going until we were in the car to go home around 10:30pm. Many hours past her bedtime. She enjoyed her first fireworks show I think! She made friends with some new people from the bbq and enjoyed them off on her own, but I could see her and could hear her saying “oooh” and “I like that one”, surely things she was hearing other people saying as she is quite the little mockingbird right now. :)


3 thoughts on “Our holiday day together

  1. Meribah

    I can’t believe her hair is even longer! And you look so beautiful pregnant! Can’t wait to see you guys hopefully soon!

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