My husband left at 5am this morning to be gone all week once again. This is week 9 of this crap. Excuse my language. (I know there are military families that do this and I am SO sorry.)

We did not sign up for this. I am really struggling inside (and outside, let’s be honest) with it all. I have awful feelings towards Craig’s bosses/employer. I am not at all upset with my husband, but I am having trouble encouraging him during this time. We have a baby coming in T-minus 7 weeks. If this is the situation still or again at that time, I am not sure what I will do.

But Liv doesn’t like to see me cry, so I need to stop.


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  1. Rachael

    Oh Leah. I am so sorry, I cannot imagine how hard that would be. What do his bosses say about the next few months? If it is still going on once baby #2 comes, I will come and stay with you for a week or take Liv with me to my parents to give you a break. Wish we were closer to help out more but we’ll try and do what we can :)

    • leahseydel

      There isn’t much of a forecast that I can plan on as far as his work schedule for the next few weeks/months. They do have some slightly more local jobs, but it is hard to know when they’ll be at each job. Thanks though Rachael, I appreciate the gesture. Hope you have a fun day with the birthday girl tomorrow! A nice older lady down the road turns 92 tomorrow, Willamina, but she says to call her Billy. :) She calls Liv little Susie and always asks her for a kiss. Gotta love surrogate great-grandmas.

  2. Meribah

    I am so sorry you are going through this. I have been so wrapped up in my own sorrows that I haven’t had much time to prayers for others, but I will add you to my prayers, friend.

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