Quick, (kind of) Concise Update


Church: Nothing really new here, summer is busy and we haven’t been around to try much new. Third Church, Grace Church, Federated Fellowship, and Liberty Evangelical Free, that’s what we’ve been to so far, not including Second Christian Reformed Church for Good Friday.

House: We’re In! We were sick the weekend we moved, but my in-laws were MOST helpful! It feels like home already, but half of our stuff is still in storage. Mostly because we don’t need any of it, at least haven’t yet. But some of it we will, I’m just dreading finding a place for stuff, because we don’t have a lot of storage space and I don’t want to fill/clutter up my nice open, clean feeling home! I haven’t taken any photos to post yet, but I will, I promise. I am having a garage sale in a couple weeks to hopefully get rid of things I don’t need to keep around since I don’t have the luxury of a basement or any extra areas of storage like I had before!

Baby: I have maternity coverage now and have had some appointments! The near 30 week ultrasound (first of this pregnancy) showed my fear to be true, this baby is as low and breech as Liv. Folded in half with his/her hands up by its head and its butt way down low. I know that could change, but I’m not getting my hopes up about it. This baby may decide its birth plan for me. I also had a high glucose test and had to do a second one, but that one had better results and I’m okay, just supposed to watch my carbs. I have another appointment with the OB Friday here in town.

Work: Craig has been working away for about 6 weeks now, only home on the weekends. He enjoys the tasks of his job, but not the fact that it has taken him away so much lately. It shouldn’t be like this much of the time, just happened to get multiple out of town jobs in a row.

Life: We’ve been busy since I last posted. Liv and I spent some time back in Council Bluffs, took a trip to South Dakota to see my family, Craig and I celebrated 6 years of marriage, some good friends got married, Craig and I went to Nashville for a long weekend and some more good friends got married, Liv stayed with Grandpa Ted and Grandma Lori and had lots of fun, Craig’s grandpa passed away, we got the flu, moved into our house, threw a party for Liv, hosted our first overnight guests, and tonight Liv starts swimming lessons. Maybe we’ll meet some potential friends. We have old friends visiting this weekend, which will be super great. And then next weekend, the big purge! Pray for a good turnout at our garage sale!!! :)


One thought on “Quick, (kind of) Concise Update

  1. Meribah

    You HAVE been busy! Wow! Any chance you & Liv can come out again soon? Is Craig still working out of town? I am so excited that you are finally in a house and I love that you gave Liv a room for her birthday!!! :)

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