Happy 2nd Birthday Liv!


We had a small party for Liv Saturday with some friends and some family. I love planning all the details of a party, but life hasn’t allowed me to do everything I would have liked. But I did my best, making it a little busy/stressful, but I think Liv had a good day, so I’m happy. :) Thank you to those who could make it, for making it a happy day for our family.

It was supposed to be a balloons & chevron theme, here is a photo timeline of Liv’s second year.

Liv was excited to see pictures of her ol’ friends

I bought five big balloons online. Not sure we filled them as full as they could have been, but they were fun! Liv LOVES balloons, so she was excited.

Gift table with extra photos and balloons.

Liv looked so big sitting at the table with her friends and family. You’ll notice that Liv didn’t let go of her balloons almost the whole day. (and still hasn’t!)

After a yummy meal out on the deck, we went back in the garage for present opening. I think this was the only time Liv agreed to let dad hold her balloon.

She did a pretty good job opening her gifts. :) Craig and I got her a new room as our gift to her, painted “ballet slipper” pink, and a new big girl twin bed with cute comforter. I tried to get it all painted and set up without letting her see it before her party. :) She slept in it last night for the first time. It took her a little longer to fall asleep maybe, but she hasn’t figured out that she can leave the bed yet, so she did well. We peeked in at her and she had her head at the foot end, laying on top of the blankets with the pillow on top of her. She is napping there now. I think she likes it, but I know it is just a matter of time before she figures out that she can get out.

After presents comes cake! Liv’s face was cute when we sang her name and she figured out we were singing to her! The cake was supposed to be balloons…. can you tell? ;)

After that, the organized party things were done, just time to play and chat. It was quite a warm day, so the pool was the place to play.

Liv was conflicted whether to play with the balloons or the pool, she likes both a lot.

She still insists on having the balloons nearby whenever she can. :)

Oh, you’re taking a picture of me? Let me say cheese for you!

One thought on “Happy 2nd Birthday Liv!

  1. Meribah

    I got all teary-eyed at this post! I can’t believe our babies aren’t babies anymore! Yes, I totally knew it was a balloon cake and I loved the way you hung the pictures. You are so creative and I think everything looked beautiful! Liv just looks like such a big girl with a ponytail!

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