Warm Day in May


I just posted a few videos and some pictures of Liv on our shutterfly page. Check ’em out when you get a chance! *Sorry, I had to update the list of videos, they should be there now!

Also, just as an update on other “life” things:

1. We close on our house May 24th and move in June 2nd

2. We get maternity coverage June 1st and I’m ready to do everything I’ve been neglecting for the past 14+ weeks… sorry baby #2

3. I think I’ve decided to see a local doctor for prenatal visits, but attempt a VBAC with a high risk doctor in Des Moines for the actually delivery

4. We tried another new church, but the main teaching pastor is on sabbatical, so I think we need to try again later. That is 3 churches down, (4 different services) and only like a million more churches in town to try ;)

5. Liv turns 2 in a few weeks and I’m realizing this move means less family and friends for this kind of celebration, a bit sad

6. Craig and I’s 6 year wedding anniversary has come and gone. Can’t wait to take a road trip with Craig (and w/o Liv), over a long Memorial Day weekend!


One thought on “Warm Day in May

  1. Meribah

    So, so, so happy for you to move into your new house! I would be there in a minute for Liv’s birthday but the doctor has ordered no extensive travel and some semi-bedrest for me. I hope it is fantastic and I hope you get a chance to come and visit again before the new babies (yours & mine) get here! Love you guys and miss you lots!

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