Not the house for us


After much deliberation and a week of negotiating, we’ve decided to walk away from the house we were going to buy. It is a little sad, and a little scary, but also relieving. We’d gotten a bad inspection report on it, and found there was more fixing and updating that needed to be done… more than we can smartly do already being at our max price. The owner was not willing to come down on the price to accommodate all the fixing we were going to have to do, or do much fixing himself, so it just ended up not being a good idea for us.

This is kind of the housing situation in Pella though! We’re at our max price and still can’t afford to get into a home. Housing is 63% higher here than in Council Bluffs. It is a great little town, don’t get me wrong, but they don’t make it easy for a young (single-income) family to get established here. ;) Another challenge is all the FSBOs! They’re just not as convenient as checking the MLS. No one wants to pay the realtor’s commission because things move so quickly around here anyway, they probably will sell just fine without one. Houses come up and are gone quite quickly I understand.

Thankfully, our house in Council Bluffs is closing Friday without any trouble. God was good to us then, He’s watching out for us now.

Here’s to hoping someone wants us to buy their home!

p.s. I found out that Pella flies in thousands of tulips for tulip festival, even when the season isn’t messed up like it is this year. So, don’t fret, there WILL be tulips for Tulip Time. I know you were all worried.


2 thoughts on “Not the house for us

  1. Rachael

    Wow- I am so sorry that this happened- how frustrating. Maybe it will be a blessing in disguise. Are you able to stay where you are for a while or will you pursue renting something? Are there small towns outside of Pella that you could look at? Miss you all! Rachael

  2. leahseydel

    We’re welcome to stay here at our friends’ house as long as needed, which is definitely a blessing. But as most houses we’re able to afford need various amounts of work before moving in, it’d be good to find one soon so we can get it all done before baby #2 comes. :) Miss you guys too Rachael!

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