First week in Pella (pics of Liv)


My laptop is getting worked on, so I am attempting this post on my ipad… Definitely more difficult!

Here are some of the highlights of our first week in Pella. And since I can’t figure out how to get the captions to show up on my iPad, I’ll just put them here and you’ll have to guess which picture they go with!
Liv decided it was so nice out, why not take her books outside? I really didn’t tell her to. She had about 20 out on the deck by the end.
Nothing here opens until 10am, so one morning while waiting for some thrift stores to open, we got 6 donut holes from the bakery and sat outside on the bench and shared them. They were amazing. I could have eaten a dozen myself, easily.
Garage sale finds! This girl loves slides and this one is a great size for her, she loves it. The trike not so much yet.
I love spring, walks, and sticks!
Swinging at the big wooden park while on a walk with Helena







One thought on “First week in Pella (pics of Liv)

  1. Meribah

    I miss Liv’s sweet little kissable cheeks!!!! And miss seeing your face, too, Leah! Make sure you include yourself in some of those pics since I don’t get to see you as often anymore! And yes, I was DYING about the tulips so that is great news! :) :) :)

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