First (real) Day in Pella


So World, we live in Pella, Iowa now. I apologize for my vagueness on here lately. I wasn’t able to openly talk about our plans until Craig had officially quit his job. (As much as I wanted to tell you Diana, I really did!)

And I’m going to skip the sad, sappy, good-bye Council Bluffs post. I love you and miss you all, but I have to move on for my sanity’s sake.

He started his new job today and I’m excited to hear how it went! I am so excited for him. If you know Craig, he really likes to work, work hard, work well. He’s not a behind-the-desk kind-of guy. He tried to manage his team by working along side them, not rule them from the office. And as proud as I was of him for moving up the chain at his old job, and working hard in a difficult environment, I’m glad for this change in his life. He’s outdoors, working with his hands, and in no-time, will be managing again.

Liv and I’s world obviously changes too. We are currently living with some friends (Thank you Aubergs!), until we can get into the house we’re buying. (See pic below, but cuter in person)

Thanks to the wonderful weather, and small town life, we’re able to go on lots of walks and play at lots of parks. We stopped by a local coffee shop and shared a muffin before going to check out the library. We hope to meet more people soon so she can have some friends to play with!

If you’re ever in the area… (I count Des Moines as “in the area”,) let us know! I’d invite you to Tulip Festival, but from what I hear, there won’t be any tulips around by then, probably not even stems, due to this crazy awesome weather!


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