Family Photos are In!


If I had planned on getting anything done today, that is now out the window. I got the disc of photos back from the photographer today from our family photoshoot at our house a couple weeks ago. I know the Grandma’s are eager to see them, so I am going to put a bunch on here so they can tell me which ones they want. I had used and loved Photography by Nealy in the past, but the miles between us make it hard, so I went with someone local this time. For anyone in the Omaha area, I recommend Moseley Photography!

I tried to narrow down the ones to put up here for the family to choose from, but it is so hard when you think you’re daughter is so adorable. So, forgive me, there are 50 pictures (cut down from 82!) to look through. [And Grandma’s these are the web sized files, so if you need larger ones, let me know. Or if you see one you’d like me to order, let me know. The photo number is UNDER the picture.]


4 thoughts on “Family Photos are In!

  1. Your daughter IS the most adorable thing ever. I loved all 50 pictures, even though I’m not a grandma. I just can’t believe you’ve been a mom for almost 2 years already!

  2. Meribah

    These are all so good! 66, 46, 80 and 7 are my favorites! You look beautiful and Liv is just the perfect cuteness!!!

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