To the lady in front of me in the drive-thru…


This morning Liv woke up at 5:55am… there was no telling her to go back to sleep, so in order to help this not be the longest day ever, we went to a friend’s house for a play date. I also decided it was a coffee morning and drove to a drive-thru as to not have to have to unload/load Liv. I was like 6th in line with another four behind me, but I can be patient. :) A car came from the other side of the parking lot to get in on the line. I didn’t have such a good attitude about her trying to cut in the line and not wait in the line growing behind me. But I let her pull in in front of me because there wasn’t going to be a way for her to get to the back of the line from that side of the parking lot.

She bought my coffee people! I couldn’t believe it! I then felt bad for not having a better attitude about it. But it was a bit of a grace lesson for me this morning. So, to the lady who bought me coffee this morning, thank you for your kindness this morning on what had started out looking like a rough day.


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