Liv’s First Words


I posted a while back on all the signs Liv had learned and uses. Well she knows tons more now, too many to list, and she uses those a lot, but I wanted to write down for record the first “real” words she’s using. I should say though, that she talks all day in her own very expressive language, these are just the first words we also understand. :) (She’s 20 months and 2 weeks, not as a comparison measure or because I think she’s amazing, just for the sake of records.)

Go (First word… usually Go! Go! Go!)
Daddy (now usually “Da!” with the sign for Dad)
No (has recently started yelling this one, and telling us no to things when we don’t ask)
Yeah (if she uses this one it is usually very enthusiastic)
Animal Sounds: Meow, Roar, Moo, Woof, Baa
Bye Bye
Uh Oh
Shhh (I’m adding this one because she shh’ed her baby just now)

First Sentence: “It’s a baby!”

We got a family picture taken the other day and this is a snapshot of us checking in the mirror to make sure we looked okay before the photographer got here.


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