Rough Days


Hey there blog reading friends. I am in need of a bit of venting and my lack of phone skills to call anyone in particular is bringing me here to my open ended venting world.

First off, I should update you all, in case you hadn’t heard. Our house is sold. Let me tell you how amazing that is. We listed it on a Wednesday. That is when the sign went up. It didn’t get listed online until the next day or two. Two weeks later on the Tuesday night before the two week mark, we signed the papers accepting a full price offer on our house. I didn’t keep good track of our showings, but I think it was around six first showings and one or two second showings. Not only did it sell in the winter, which we were concerned about, not being the “ideal” time to sell, it sold in 13 days! And we did not get one, but two offers. And not low-ball offers, but full price offers! Do see how this is NOT normal? This is SUPERNATURAL. I fully believe God sold our house. We believe Him to be confirming our decision. (Oh, AND the buyers are okay waiting until our first time home buyer tax credit time restriction is up to close, saving us from having to pay that $5,000 back.)

But, now that you’re updated… that was not my reason for needing a vent today. My Little Liv is. Grandparents may find it hard to believe, since thankfully, they see mostly the best of her, but she’s being a bit of a handful right now. Mind you, she’s FINALLY getting teeth, and not in the normal progression, she’s skipped from her front two bottom teeth nearly a year ago, to molars. Three on one side and now two on the other I think. I’m trying to tell myself that this isn’t Liv, this is teething Liv and she’ll go back to normal.

We’ve also, all three been sick with colds. So, that makes me more tired than the pregnancy was causing anyway, and Liv to not be herself too. But it also means, no nursery at church, (a lovely child-free hour) and no story-time at the library, and no play-dates, no going to the play area at the mall, as to not infect anyone else. So, we’re a bit cooped up and sick of each other. Though her “mommy, mommy, mommy” makes it seem like she still likes (or at least needs) me sometimes.

I’m feeling at a loss of how to handle her fits and stay patient & sane.

Oh, and in all the constant house cleaning, we’ve lost her beloved Baby Signing Time DVDs we got her for Christmas. They were a sure way to bring a smile to her face, keep her attention and allow me 20 minutes for whatever I needed to do.

Anyway, if you have any advice friends,  moms, and grandmas, I’m all tears, I mean ears. :)

2 thoughts on “Rough Days

  1. Meribah

    Leah, you are such a strong woman with such great faith and I know you know that God doesn’t give you anything that he know you can’t handle. I know these days have been very rough but I am sure you have handled them well and will be blessed with brighter ones to come. Get into that sunshine and feel better!!!!

  2. Denise

    For Christmas Shelby gave Lux an “AquaDoodle”. It is about 20″ x 20″, plastic pad, and it comes with a fat pen you fill with water. As you draw on the white mat the lines change colors as you draw in different areas. The drawing lasts until the water dries so you can keep going and going. It doesn’t make a mess since it is just water. Lux loves it! It might give you a 10 minute break!!! Don’t know the cost.

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