and then there were four


You got it. We’re pregnant! Craig doesn’t like it when I say “we”, but I’m not doing this by myself, so I like to say “we”.
{I am extremely thankful for our pregnancy and do not take the blessing lightly. I care deeply about those around me who have miscarried, or have been unable to become pregnant. Please know I wish not to upset you and love you very much. I also realize I too am only 8 or so weeks along and am not in the clear as far as miscarriages go, and continue to pray for God’s hand on our baby.

I took a test one morning a few days after having this “with child” feeling. I kept it a secret one whole afternoon/evening, without telling anyone but Liv. ;) We baked a cake for Dad and I made a baby themed playlist. When Craig got home from work late that night, I had the test wrapped up for him to open and then showed him the 1/2 pink and 1/2 blue cake. I think he said something like “what the heck are you listening to”.

We told our families at each holiday gathering we had. I bought Liv a super cute shirt on etsy that said “I have a secret” on the front and  “I’m going to be a big sister” on the back. We kept her jacket on until a good time came up and then she did her first job as big sister. :) She knows where the baby is and will give it a kiss on command, but I’m sure she doesn’t really get it yet. We’ll continue to try and get her ready, but I know she’ll be a great big sister. She’s started taking good care of the new dolls she got for Christmas. :)

I go through the same “is this for real” feelings I think I had the first time. But I have been extremely tired and nauseous, so that makes it a little easier to believe. The fact that I am already in that “is she just getting fat?” stage makes it easier to believe too. Pretty sure that stage didn’t happen until much later the first time around!

Liv is getting a bit of cabin fever with mommy not feeling like doing anything! Bath time has been a frequent fun thing we do around here.

We should welcome the baby around the end of August or beginning of September maybe? I don’t know, I have an appointment on the 19th, maybe my midwife can help me narrow it down! :) In any case, I’ll be happy to be through the first trimester and start feeling better.


3 thoughts on “and then there were four

  1. Amber Kmoch

    Congrats Leah! We also pregnant again, due with another little Junebug! (I’m about 18 1/2 wks now). I catch your blog once in awhile, and wondered if you guys might be expecting again soon ;) I’m finding this pregnancy is going WAY faster than Aaron’s – probably because I have another munchkin to keep me busy! Keep us updated – congrats again!!

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