Ever painted a house in Iowa… in January?


We just did. In two days. With the help of The Ultimate Weatherman (God) and Many Hands (our friends). This big undertaking saved us $3,000 by not having to hire it done. We also have an appreciation for older home-schooled kids still on break! :) I must admit I had a really hard time letting this whole thing happen because I did not feel comfortable “making” someone I was not going to pay, give up their time (someone actually took a vacation day from work!) and work on my house in the cold. God came through for me and brought His beautiful sunshine to the party. And a wise friend reminded me that “Jesus paid the price for me”. So, there you have it. No excuses, let your friends serve you! Here are a few quick phone camera shots of the house today. We still need to paint a smallish section of siding that was replaced today (but it is actually almost the exact color of the house already) and hang the gutters back up. I don’t have any before pictures, but trust me, it looks better. :)

For those that know the before, yes, the shutters/door are a slightly different color. Kind of a long story. Hopefully they look alright.

Matching Black Accessories now. I'd say we need a new welcome mat!

And for those that would prefer Liv Pics, here are a couple from yesterday’s walk in the beautiful warm afternoon:

(Still two teeth by the way. Don't think she was teething the other day after all.)


2 thoughts on “Ever painted a house in Iowa… in January?

  1. Rachael

    It looks sooooo great! What a blessing- we are so happy for you. See you tomorrow- I’m bringing pound cake and Christmas Salad (of course).

  2. Meribah

    It looks great! And ‘teething’ symptoms can happen a few times before any teeth start showing up, so I wonder if any are on their way!

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