Could she really be teething?


Really sorry for not blogging. We’ve been really busy and I do hope to catch you all up someday.

Our little Liv has had only two teeth since before her first birthday. The past couple days she just has not been her sweet self. Her sleeping and eating habits have changed and today was unlike any day she’s ever had. For those of you that know Liv, you know she is NOT a cuddler and she doesn’t know how to be rocked. Well, today started off with an early nap due to crabbiness, followed by refusal to eat lunch, followed by being put back down for a nap. When she woke up from that nap and daddy went to work, she took my hand and brought me back upstairs to her room, where she sat in her infant bouncy seat with her head down. Then, we had some friends stop by and went down to the play room. She was just not her normal “people person” self. Didn’t play at all with her buddy, and when I put her in her toy box (don’t judge) she just sat there for a while. So sad. So I took her out and cuddled her, which normally would result in her busting out of my arms, but she didn’t. She stayed, and stayed and stayed and stayed. I noticed her head was really warm. When our friends left, I asked her if she wanted to lay down. She agreed and I laid her down in our bed and laid beside her. Usually that would result in playtime with jumping and diving and such.

But no. Liv slept beside me like that for over an hour. It probably would have been longer if I didn’t have to get up to pee. The rest of the day went on like that… laying around, crying, refusing to eat, fever, napping, more laying around.

I am happy she may finally be getting more teeth, and I am happy to have a cuddler, even for just a little a while. But I feel awful that she feels so crappy. I almost forget what to do with a teething baby, especially since the last time she cut teeth was when she was a baby and not a toddler.


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