{Updated} MSM – Shop Around Online


I like to shop online. I think it saves me time AND money. A lot of sites are starting to offer free shipping, especially around the holidays. It saves me gas and time going around to stores (with a toddler). Just like brick and mortar stores, websites will compete for your business, so shop around sites to see who is offering the best deal. And then, when you’ve picked the site you’re going to buy from, do a quick search for coupon codes or promo codes. Just do a google search like “website name promo code” e.g. “morebarstools promo codes”, that is what I just searched for the other day. You’ll might not find anything, or they all may be expired (just like normal coupons) but it doesn’t hurt to try!

I bought some bar stools from a site that had them for $5 less than another site AND I found a save 5% coupon code AND they were offering shipping over the weekend! And I could sit at home with my husband (while he played Skyrim). :)

You do need to be really careful and thorough in understanding exactly what you’re buying to be sure it is what you want because not all sites offer free return shipping! 

Here is a picture of the stools I’d ordered for our kitchen island / peninsula thingy:


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