MidWeekCooking – Not completely from scratch soups and leftover burrito ingredients.


I am not confident in my “from scratch” soup making abilities. I have made chili, but that is it… I am afraid for some reason.

But… I like to doctor up soup mixes like “Shore Lunch” bags or “Bear Creek” bags. They are often just mix with water and simmer 20 minutes or something. But often there are suggestions of other things you can do. I like to make my own additions as well. My favorite is the Shore Lunch brand Creamy Wild Rice mix from Menards. I add milk, stock, chicken, carrots, seasonings, sometimes extra rice, etc. Tonight I am also trying the Tortilla mix and adding diced tomatoes, black beans, chicken, etc. I have used the Bear Creek brand Broccoli Cheddar from WalMart and added a head of broccoli, sour cream and shredded cheese. I received compliments on the Chicken & Wild Rice as well as the Broccoli Cheese… always admitting it was a doctored up mix. We’ll see how the Tortilla goes over tonight!

Also this week we made burritos… if anyone has a suggestion of thin stretchy tortillas for burritos let me know! I made three meals with the leftovers from the burritos by making a chip dip out of it. If you buy taco seasoning in bulk or make your own instead of buying the individual packets, this is a great meal. Mix sour cream and some taco seasoning and spread it on a plate. Layer refried beans, black beans, diced tomatoes or salsa, corn, cheese, and whatever other ingredients you used in your burritos. Scoop up with tortilla chips! I found a small plate of that to be very filling and a way for me (picky about leftovers) to actually enjoy leftovers! If you make too much, it does refrigerate well until the next meal. :)


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