Extra Money Saving Post – Restaurant.com


So, I should save these extra Money Saving posts for future weeks, but I can’t! I want to let you know about things ASAP!

Have you ever heard of or used Restaurant.com certificates? It has been a while since I’ve purchased one, because the restaurant we liked to go to stopped offering these certificates. But it looks like some new restaurants in my area have been added. I only ever purchase the certificates when they go on super sale, like 80 and 90% off!

Here’s how it works. You buy certificates, print them off, bring them when you go eat out and use them towards your bill. Usually, they cost something like $10 for a $25 certificate (that requires your bill be at least $35). So you’d spend $20 for $35 worth of food. Good, but not great. However, right now (and pretty often) there is a coupon code that brings it down to $2 for a $25 certificate, which would mean you’re spending $12 for $35 worth of food. Now that’s a little better! It is a great way to subsidize the cost of a dinner date!  They have larger ones for purchase too, which would be good if you were taking out another family, otherwise it would be hard (depending on the restaurant) to get the bill up to $50.

Through Oct 31 the promo code is: PUMPKIN, check it out! See if there are any restaurants near you that offer restaurant.com certificates!

How about you, have you ever heard of or used Restaurant.com certificates?


2 thoughts on “Extra Money Saving Post – Restaurant.com

    • leahseydel

      We used to get them for Quaker Steak and Lube, before they had the $35 minimum requirement. But they must have pulled themselves off the site. So I haven’t bought any since September 2009. The two we bought this time were two nicer restaurants here in Council Bluffs that we’ve never been to, but look like we could rack up a $35 bill pretty easily. Tish’s Restaurant and The Great American Grill. I believe these don’t expire, so there is no rush to use them, which is good cuz who knows when we’ll go on a date!

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