MSM – Menards Rebates


Y’all know we like Menards around here, that’s certainly not news. But one reason the wife-half of this family also likes Menards, is because of the rebates they offer. You may already know about these if you frequent the store.

Sometimes it seems like there just isn’t much room for saving money with home improvement projects, and the costs just build and build. But sometimes you can get a good deal at Menards! For example, this weekend we needed 10 rolls of insulation for our basement project. Each of those rolls has a $2 rebate! It may take a few weeks, and the rebate does come in the form of a Menards credit check, but if you’re like us, there will be no trouble using that money. They do sell some groceries there too!

But something you may not know is that there is a blog that posts the good deals at Menards each week, including the great rebate offers. If you’re using Google Reader to follow money saving blogs to help your household save money, add this one to your list and each week you’ll see Menards deals and much, much more!

It certainly doesn’t have all the deal possibilities, but it does list things that you can get for free using rebates and other good deals. I don’t get a Menards flyer in the mail, so it is a quick way for me to see the current deals.


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