MSM – Cash Envelope System



So, when we took FPU I started using this cash envelope system.

When I was checking out once, the cashier said she had been wanting to start using something like that and asked me where I got it. She asked if it helped my spending and I said yes. Here’s how it has helped me: I physically see the amount we’ve budgeted for things. I could just tell myself, we can only spend $20 on health/bathroom kind of stuff, but if I am thinking about picking something up and my envelope is empty… I won’t get it = I won’t spend money = We save $.

I do have to say though, towards the end of the month, when we’ve run out of money in an envelope, we will sometimes borrow from another envelope if it is something we “need”. But we always know that we won’t spend more than we withdrew at the beginning of the month! I would suggest however, if you have extra, adjusting your budget so next month it does end as accurately as possible, and/or putting the extra toward debt.

If you need a little inspiration to start running your budget this way, check out Etsy for some cute cash envelope systems people are making and selling. Or, try making your own!  


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