MSM: Living Social & Groupon


Another way I have saved money is by watching the daily deals on websites like and

If you aren’t familiar, they are a couple of websites that offer “flash sales” on many different things. Sales that are often a really great deal, but only available for a short amount of time, or a limited number are available. You can specify the city you want to find deals in. For instance, I follow both Omaha and Lincoln. But I could also ask to be notified about deals in Iowa City or Sioux Falls for when we visit family, or Minneapolis or Kansas City if we’re planning a weekend away.

Often the deals I purchase are a way to do something special inexpensively. Like our trip to Vala’s Pumpkin Patch Saturday (pictures to come), $12 for two admissions (a $26 value). Other things I often get deals on are vouchers to restaurants, making eating out an option for us! My favorite one is the Pizza Ranch! $10 for $20 to spend there. Another item I have purchased a couple times is vouchers for groceries. $20 to spend at Whole Foods, for only $10!

Our own little town has a version of this called Chipperdeals and they are all specific to Council Bluffs!

What sites do you use for finding great deals?













One thought on “MSM: Living Social & Groupon

  1. We use Groupon too; just this morning, we purchased one for ballroom dancing lessons. Usually we use it for luxuries for dates, but occasionally I find a deal that I really need, like an eye exam.

    I tried Strib Deals (Twin Cities only) and Crowd Cut, but I seemed to find useful ones with Groupon more often, so just Groupon seemed to be the best balance of finding deals and the time to look. Besides saving on time, sticking to one site helps me avoid getting things just because they’re “deals”, not because we actually need them.

    I have to mention, if you come to Minneapolis, we’d be happy to have you over for a meal- free is an even better deal than half off at a restaurant :-)

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