Travel Applesauce Packets


So we’ve found these applesauce packets, and other similar items in other brands, to be very convenient to take on the go. But at anywhere from 57¢ – 88¢ each, they aren’t the cheapest snack. Especially when Liv can knock one out in a minute flat.

We had been putting my homemade yogurt in Liv’s insulated sippy cup that has a straw, since it often turns out a bit on the thinner side. We couldn’t feed it to Liv fast enough with a spoon, so it works well. She won’t drink milk, so it makes me feel better, like she’s drinking milk, kinda. It is her favorite thing about breakfast now.

But, back to the applesauce… my brilliant husband thought, why not put applesauce in those sippy cups with straws? So, that’s what we do! We just add a little bit of water to thin the applesauce down, and Liv couldn’t care one bit, she loves it! A 50 ounce jar of natural applesauce (only apples & water) is under $2 at Target. The to-go packets are $2.29 for 12.6 ounces at Target. We still get a few of those packets sometimes, but not near as many! So there ya go! Give it a try moms!

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