LIFE – it did not ask my permission to go all crazy on me


Warning: this post is a bit of self-therapy. Skip over this post if you don’t care to see into my craziness.

It seems like God has decided that now is a good time to shake things up in EVERY aspect of life right now. It has gotten to the point where when something new comes up, I just, shake my head, laugh and think to myself, of course, of. course.

Changes started back in June, with our friend and church’s worship leader leaving
…a friend mentions a possible new work opportunity that may or may not involve us
…another friend finds out she has MS
…the whole tree flattening car thing and looking for/buying a replacement
…and the check engine light coming on three days later (and is still on)
…our church announces that it is merging with another church (which brings with it MANY, many changes)
…a manager at Craig’s work up and quits without notice during the busiest time
…God tells me I need to talk to someone about something I’ve been carrying alone for too long
…I find out an old friend has cancer, which has effected my thoughts daily
…Craig’s been working a lot, and I used to think he worked a lot
…we have to join a new small group, so we’re meeting a lot of new people and trying to decide where we’re going to fit in in this new church family
…and therefore, say ‘the end’ to our current small group that we’ve been meeting with for almost two years
…another friend is considering a life changing career move that would involve saying goodbye (or see ya later)

And ya know: I don’t think that’s all.

And: I’m just waiting to hear what’s next.

And, in the midst of this, I find myself crying a lot. But I cry during commercials, so that’s not a huge shocker. But I’m t-r-y-i-n-g to lean on my Father and remember these things going on are so small. You know, they’re not small. And I am not going to lessen the stressfulness, the depth, the complexity, etc of these things and make myself feel bad for being overwhelmed by them. Sure, some of them are small, but some of them are not. My human capabilities may not be able to work all of these things out, but my Father can. He may not even see them as small, he may see them as some big stuff. The difference is that He can also solve them all in one instant. In His time, and in His way, for His glory.


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