MSM – Target Trip


I’m not sure if I’ll keep doing my Money Saving Monday posts. Is anyone still interested?

Today I knew that Sbux was starting to offer Pumpkin Spice Lattes for the season, so I suggested a trip to Target this morning. ;)

That really was my main motivation for going, but when we got there we walked around ’cause Liv loves to ride in the cart and smile at everyone. I brought my coupon book along and decided to pick up a few things I knew I had pretty good coupons for. I was pretty excited with how it all turned out:

Saved: $14.97 in coupons
Saved: $0.25 in sale items
Saved: $2.91 by ad-matching
Total Saved: $18.13
Total Spent: $13.90

I always love when I’m able to save more than I spend! The main way I was able to accomplish this today was using two coupons for free items, one bogo coupon, and two great ad-matches in combination with coupons.

I didn’t have any Target coupons to stack with manufacture coupons because my printer is out of ink! :( Otherwise it may have been even better savings! I want to remind you that if you want to ad-match at Target, you need to have the print ads with you.

Happy Saving Everyone!

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