I feel a bit of freedom now that we have a second vehicle again. I definitely took for granted the trips out we took after daddy went to work! What’d I do the first day he was back at work and I had wheels? I got a $1 fountain Dt.Coke from McDs and a $1 Cookie from Target! It was those little things I missed!

There were a few reasons why it took us so long (felt like SO LONG anyway) to replace the car. #1: Craig has limited time to go check them out. #2: I was pretty set on getting a larger vehicle that would last our growing family longer (no, I’m not pregnant). #3: Small hatchbacks and wagon/minivan/small suv’s are not in the same price bracket.

Craig was not/is not super excited about having a minivan, but that is what we ended up getting after-all. The night before we went to go look at a car we were planning on getting, I had a night full of bad dreams about it and even one dream telling me that I should heed their warnings. So, Thank You God for the help!

Here is what we ended up with:

The picture would be better if I'd wash my windows or went outside to take the picture! Sorry!

2003 Dodge Caravan, 168K miles, DVD player and seems to be well taken care of. Hopefully it will last us a while, but you just never know! Especially with our historical string of bad luck with vehicles! I know that I don’t want to be car shopping again any time soon though!


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