I wear my ♥ on my sleeve.


To quote a show I probably don’t need to be watching: (Bachelor Pad)  “She not only wears her heart on her sleeve, she wears it on every piece of clothing she has on….”

That’s me. If you know me, that’s no surprise. How I’m feeling is obvious to anyone around and I make little effort to hide it. Not always an attractive quality, I’ll admit.

So, since the tree fell on our car August 6, I have been a little down. I have been in no mood to “put on a happy face” and continue blogging. Now tomorrow is September 1 and I feel like I’m finally crawling my way out of my hole. I spent the last three weeks trying to sponge some happiness off Liv, but even she was trying to get in the flattened car because she just wanted to go somewhere. It was hard to distract myself from the sad reality that Liv and I were stuck when I couldn’t go anywhere to distract myself! I was using every minute of free time scouring the web for a used vehicle for us. So you all have been ignored. I haven’t heard any complaints, so I don’t think anyone minded, or even noticed. However, the #1 rule of blogging is consistency, to keep your readership up and keep them interested. So, if I lost some people, I’ll understand. Feel free to stop back anytime if you’d like.


One thought on “I wear my ♥ on my sleeve.

  1. Meribah

    Oh, Leah, I’m so sorry but I’m so glad you are getting back to yourself! I can’t imagine how hard it must’ve been – today when I thought I would have to cancel our zoo trip I started crying because it was the first time I had been out of the house all week – and it is only Wenesday! So very understandable what you were going through. I hope the new van is great!!!

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