I’m Afraid We Lost Another Kia.


We were cuddling, finishing up a movie and watching the lightning show outside. We noticed the wind  pick up and I mentioned the lawn chairs on the back porch. As Craig was bringing them inside, I heard a strange noise out the front of the house. It frightened me, so I went back to get Craig. He had heard something too. We didn’t know what it was until we opened the front door and saw a mass of tree where our car (Craig’s Kia) should be. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. We ran out into the downpour with our hands on our heads saying
“No way. No way!”

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I came inside and called 911 since the branch was (and still is) blocking the road. At this point, Craig went next door to see whose tree it was. They say ours, we say theirs. (Thankfully the police officer says theirs as well.) Then, after putting on some dry clothes, I called our insurance agency. At first we weren’t sure if there was damage to my car as well, parked in front of it, but as far as we can tell tonight it is fine. We commented when we came home that Craig kinda parked a long way from the curb, but it looks like it is a good thing he did. There were three larger branches that would have done some damage.



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