Pardon the Interruption from Your Regularly Scheduled Broadcast


I don’t have a Mid-Week Cooking topic for this week, so instead I decided to give you a LIV UPDATE! :)

  • jabber-talks ALL DAY long, my favorite is when she “reads” her books
  • she is getting silly, loving to be tickled and obvious when she wants it, and has a really girly squealy scream

This is the game: daddy throws her on her back...

Then she dives towards daddy

Then she gets thrown back again

Just imagine cute little girl giggles when you see these

It doesn't look like I'm having any fun does it

Cut it out daddy!

Check out those legs

  • has started adding a “buh” or “oooh” to the beginning of her crying/whining, to add some drama. in addition to the pouty lip she’s done since birth. pretty cute.
  • started pointing at things, sometimes when she wants something, sometimes when she just sees something we’re talking about, sometimes when she wants you to say the what it is.
  • using a fork, if we load it
  • dragging her push toys instead of pushing them
  • playing with a squishy toy that used to scare her
  • using sign for ‘all done’, much better than before… though it looks a little like Stop Feeding Me!
  • signing more and please much better and in combination with each other
  • sometimes gets sad when dad leaves for work
  • takes your hand and walks to the stairs if you ask her if she’s poopy or needs a diaper change… and up to her bed when you say it is time for a nap, bed or to go na-night
  • likes to take your hand and have you go with her wherever she wants to go
  • she’ll pat your back/arm when you’re hugging/holding her
  • she likes opening & closing doors
  • started “putting things back” or putting things in things
  • loves to sit and knock all of her books off the shelf onto the floor around her and will eventually bring you one for you to read to her
  • loves her sunglasses, she tries to put them on herself, but they usually end up hanging out around her neck
  • holds onto the side of the crib and pull herself up off the floor, she is crazy strong.
  • loves music of any kind, really enjoyed a friends Raffi cd. Good ol’ Raffi.
  • really wants to climb: into the car, onto the couch, up onto our bed, up the kitchen chairs, etc
  • really enjoyed petting the goats at the zoo

Chasing the goat

"good goat, nice goat"

This goat kept pawing at the fence and banging his head (craig says playing peek-a-boo) and making Liv laugh.

Looks a little tired watching the baby peacocks.

  • and so much more! she is always surprising us.

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