Money Saving Monday – Stocking Up


When I say “stock up” I don’t mean clear the store’s shelf. I mean, get enough to last you a few months, give or take, so you don’t have to worry about that item again for a while. What I love about having a stock pile of certain items is that when I’m looking through ads and coupons, I don’t have to pay attention to those items for a while. It saves me a lot of time because I’m not looking for a good deal on deodorant every month. And it saves money because I’m not running out for things I need in an emergency and paying a higher price because I need it now.When stocking up on things, this is what I consider:

  1. Is it at the rock-bottom stock up price? (I read that everything you need to buy usually gets down to it’s rock bottom price every 12 weeks.)
  2. Do I need more of the item? (Sometimes it is hard to pass up a good deal, but if you really don’t need more of the item, don’t practice your hoarding skills. We’ve all seen how bad that can get!)
  3. How much money do I have to use on stocking up in my respective budget? (sometimes if there is any leftover from the month before, I’ll let it roll over to allow some extra for stocking up. If you’re aggressively attacking your debt, I may not do that, and adjust your budget instead.)
  4. How much room do I have? Whether that be in my pantry, my freezer, or my bathroom closet? (I’m not going to live in a crowded, cluttered house. A peaceful house is much more important to me.)
What do you think about having a stockpile? 

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