MSM – Selling your stuff


This post strays a bit from the theme I’d been going on with Money Saving Mondays. But, I blog through life and this is where life has brought me in my money saving efforts.

We have often used craigslist to buy/sell things, which is a great tool when used correctly. I’ve also been burned via craigslist, so you must be very careful. (If you’d like to hear that story, just leave a comment. Otherwise I won’t bring back the frustration of that time.) But craigslist reaches a limited number of people.

I’ve been wanting to sell things on ebay for years, but it has seemed so intimidating! Well, during our Financial Peace University class, the topic of ways to make extra money came up and right away, sell stuff went back on my to-do list. And then, as Craig and I were cleaning up in the basement and I was reminded of some things I’d thought we could sell. I listed something one night and the next morning…

found that it had been purchased! I was very surprised and of course instantly (and greedily) thought I should have asked for more. But it didn’t matter, we weren’t using/needing it, and were exchanging it for money. [I know I’m like a decade or two behind on this whole ebay thing, but that’s alright! :) ]

There are still things I need to learn, and I’m sure I’ll get better at it, but this transaction went well! I already had a PayPal account, so it was very simple. I have listed many more things, just hoping for another sale, but none so far.

There are a lot of other things in this house I would be willing to sell if someone wanted to pay me for it! Wish me luck!

Do you sell things online? Do you have any tips or advice? Leave a comment!


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