Gift of Coffee


I have the sweetest husband. I was having fun with my wishlist, but never intended on ever getting any of the outrageous items. Well, I’ve been sick this week (all week! bleh! sore throat/sinus stuff) and even though he works late, Craig’s been waking up with Liv in the morning, letting me sleep a bit longer. What a guy! Well, he and Tiny snuck out to the store this week and bought me a birthday present.

First, this:

a box of Splenda… Oh, Thank You Dear?!

Then this:

a single cup coffee maker. He knows how much I like coffee and this gift will keep on giving and giving! My Bunn made a great pot of coffee in three minutes, but this makes one great cup in one minute and that is exactly all I need! Not only is it quick, but it is perfect, every time. No mis-measuring grounds or water. Perfection. And to top it off, it is clean! Just take the K-cup out, NO MESS. I’m not getting paid to say it, I love it.

Sure I didn’t get it ON my birthday, but he kept it a full 24 hours without giving it to me, which is an accomplishment in this house!


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