MSM – Oh How I Love ALDI, Oh How I Love ALDI…


Sorry, this got posted under a past date.

You remember the old hymn that goes “Oh, How I love Jesus. Oh, How I love Jesus. Oh, How I love Jesus because He first loved me.” Well I came home singing that song about ALDI the other day. It is hard to describe how big of deal that was for me. I remember in college, how much I looked down on ALDI, and despised going there. I still did for a few things occasionally, but I didn’t like it. ;)

It is crazy the 180 that’s happened. I appreciate the store now, though I can still taste the difference in some products and choose my purchases carefully. I always buy milk there, can’t pass up $1.99 /gallon, and I can’t taste the difference. They also have great prices on produce and I often price match it at WalMart, but if it looks to be in good shape, I like to buy that there as well. However, my philosophy is that if the product dictates the taste of the dish, I don’t like to get it there. e.g. Their version of hamburger helper wasn’t very good in our opinion. (Though I have stopped buying that altogether in my efforts to cook from scratch more.) I like to get a lot of ingredients there, like salt, sugar, flour, those types of things.

Here is what I purchased on my last trip:

  • Milk – $1.99
  • Tortellini – $2.49
  • Frozen Corn – 79¢
  • Frozen Peas – 79¢
  • Vegetable Oil – $2.49
  • Bananas – $1.31
  • Hamburger Buns – 79¢
  • Hot Dog Buns – 79¢
  • Cantaloupe – 99¢
  • Blueberries – $1.49
Total $13.92

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