A Grown-up Girl’s Wishlist


Tis the season of birthdays and all thing celebratory in our house, check it: May: Wedding Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Craig’s Birthday; June: Liv’s Birthday, Father’s Day, July: Leah’s Birthday, whew! What a busy time of year! Grown-up birthdays just aren’t as fun as they once were. Anyone else agree? Maybe some have found a way to make it wonderful, if you have, please share.

{Also, I think it is important to know your loved one’s love language(s) so that you can communicate love in a way the loved one will understand. The reason I bring this up in this post is because gifts is one of the five love languages. As much as I want gifts to be Craig’s love language because I like to get him gifts, it IS NOT. If you’re curious about finding out your love language so those around you can understand how to properly love you, or the love language of someone you love, read this book.}

Anyway, what does this soon to be 27 year old have on her wishlist? Well, there are the within reason items and the beyond reason items, but that’s what makes it a wishlist right?!

Prescription Sunglasses, these have been on my Christmas and birthday list for years. I have had the same sunglasses since… 2002 I believe. I think I could take care of some nice ones!

Subscription to the Sunday Paper… I’m totally okay with practical gifts.

A Time Capsule. Wireless external hard drive AND wireless printing? That’s exactly what I want! Maybe because my “office” is the living room couch?

Kitchen scrapers of all shapes, colors, sizes.

A single cup coffee maker. I have a GREAT Bunn, but being the only coffee drinker I know in this city, I don’t usually need more than one cup. Plus, this one is programmable. Maybe it would help me want to get up in the morning!?


A flat file cabinet for one of my biggest loves, PAPER! I found a couple beautiful ones on ebay (click the image to link to ebay page). The metal units are cool, if you have a contemporary / industrial setting to have them in, but I think a wood unit would work better for my life. Aren’t they gorgeous?!  I think I need a big design project so I can write this off as a business expense don’t you think? “Contact Leah Seydel Designs for all your design needs!” ;)

Well this little daydream was fun anyway! Even if the getting older part isn’t.

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