What Liv is up to these days


Walking all over. Five weeks after taking her first steps she is officially walking more than crawling.

Carrying random things around the house, her favorite being my purse

Playing Peekaboo, she finally does the peeking herself

Holding the toy phone to her ear, and waiting for us to say ‘Hello?’

Jabbering, sometimes she really seems to have quite the story for us

Still loves water, including bath-time, check out this ‘do!

Standing up in the middle of the room, not holding onto anything. This was a new accomplishment last week.

Teething, and still does not want to chew on/use any “teething toy” but wants her pacifier. She seems to like to chew on it… maybe it is offering some relief other than just calming? I don’t know, but I don’t like her to have it as much as she does lately, but without her wanting anything else I’m not sure what to do.

Plopping herself down by her books… after knocking down the tower of them of course.

Hugging everything, rubber ducky, “Scout”, babies, anything with a face (sometimes without).But she’s been really stingy with her kisses lately.

Laying and playing… that’s a new one.

Still not wanting to drink cows milk. However, I don’t know why I’m surprised, she wouldn’t drink breastmilk from a cup/bottle either.

Had a little fall while trying to go downstairs and now won’t do it.

Scrunching her nose, squinting her eyes, shrugging her shoulders and breathing through her nose, pretty cute.

Learning words, she understands a lot of words, but doesn’t speak a lot of actual words yet.

Possibly dropping a nap

Wearing pigtails and ponytails, and taking out her pigtails and ponytails

She’s also doing a lot of smiling and laughing because Daddy (the fun parent) has a 3 day weekend and Grandpa Teddy is here!


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