MSM – Ad Matching Last Week


I went to Target first because I had two coupons I wanted to use on frozen chicken and cheese. If you like to shop at Target, be sure to check out their coupons!
I got 3 green bananas because they were on sale for 19¢ each, (normally 24¢ each) and I had a few to last me until these were ripe.

I got two bags of frozen chicken breasts, on sale for $4.89 / 2.5 lb bag, and used a $1.50/2 coupon.

I got two bags of shredded cheese, on sale for $2.39 each, and used a $1.00/2 coupon.

TOTAL: $12.63, not a steal or anything, but I was happy.


Then I went to WalMart and did more price-matching than I’d done in a while. The amount I do this really depends on what the ads look like. Sometimes they just don’t have deals on things we need.

Highlights from this trip:

4-Campbell’s Cream of Soups – $1 each in a HyVee ad, which is less than GV brand (originally $1.32 I believe)

Roberts Milk, price matched $2.39 and used a 55¢/1 coupon – $1.84!!

99¢ Strawberries and Cantaloupe, matched to ALDI

99¢ Eggs

Everything here was price matched except the Powerade, 78¢ (got that for Craig to take golfing), and the Oatmeal Cream Pies/Granola Bars, but I had a combo coupon for $1 those.

TOTAL: $19.87, again, not a steal, but I was happy with it being under $20!

Happy Saving Friends!






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