Our KC Getaway


I’d been meaning to post this. Better do it before it is a month old!

A few weeks ago, Craig and I took a few days and left town. His parents came and cared wonderfully for Liv. But MAN, was it tough for me. It was our first time leaving her for more than a few hours. I asked Craig during the weekend, if he thought it was worth it. He said, “Is what worth it?” I said, “How hard this is. Is it worth it?” He said, “Oh, well it isn’t hard for me. I leave you girls everyday.”

I cried a lot as we left, but eventually stopped and forced myself to look forward to the weekend and think about other things. But every baby cry or child scream would remind me of her. I would worry about her, but mostly if she was being difficult for Craig’s mom. It was nice to be able to sleep in, take as long of shower as I wanted, eat at the same time as Craig when the food was warm, whatever we wanted, go to a movie, go to a nice restaurant, only carry a small purse, and so on. It was the little things really! It was also a good reminder for me that I am not just a mom. I am still an individual as well.

Here's the view from our hotel room that beautiful building left of center is Union Station.

We brought a Netflix DVD (The Fighter) with us. Here we are watching it on my laptop (on the luggage holder) in bed.

And here we are in our sweet 3D glasses at the Pirates 3 movie.

Here's Craig in the pool. I opted out this time. It was a nice outdoor pool though.

Nighttime view from our hotel.

Here's the fountain outside the Crown Center where our hotel was. We watched the kids play in it while eating at Panera.

We went to the Nelson-Atkins Museum, but I on sandals and didn't feel like walking all day. I really think we could have spent the whole day in there!

Craig asked me to go stand by this giant badminton shuttlecock statue. This is 1 of 4 of them.

Here I am practicing my smile because I realized how much more photogenic Craig is than me.

We enjoyed one of the Fountain Dances, on the hour everyone clears out and the fountain is choreographed to a song recorded by a local orchestra.

Very fun, relaxing, beautiful.

I love you hubby!


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