MSM – Double Coupon Events


So, this week at Kmart, they are doubling coupons up to $0.99. (So any $1 coupon won’t be doubled.) But a $0.75 off coupon would give you $1.50 off! I know HyVee doubles coupons occasionally too, but I don’t know how often either store has these type of events. I guess my tip this week is to save coupons for products you use even if they aren’t high in value, because when these events roll around they’ll be great! I don’t really have many under $1 coupons right now, so I can’t really benefit from this event, but in the future I’ll keep more of the smaller coupons for events like this. I’m still learning! : ) See here for more details about the Kmart event.


2 thoughts on “MSM – Double Coupon Events

  1. Amber Kmoch

    I had no idea HyVee ever doubled coupons…you’ll definitely have to keep me posted on those events because last I knew, they didn’t ad match or double coupons. We do have a Kmart here in MC, so I may have to see what I need for products and have for coupons. When I was visiting my parents in WI over Memorial Day, I took advantage of a double coupon day at their grocery store (that we don’t have in IA). It was so fun!

    • leahseydel

      I do not go in to HyVee very often (because I usually price – match them at WalMart), and am not sure how to find out about when they are doing double coupons unless my friend tells me! But I will be sure to post if I find out! I would suggest asking customer service maybe?

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